Our offerings

Zero to sixty in no time.

We deliver bespoke solutions to address specific needs; however, we often see similar issues and so have also created several accelerators to expedite delivery timelines.

Custom solutions

We build enduring analytics platforms that are as distinct as the companies they serve. These solutions solve both known business challenges as well as those revealed through our unique discovery process.

We align ourselves with our client’s corporate culture, existing technology, and business objectives.

Our approach directly engages with the individuals within each organization to create a sense of unity and engagement. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with both legacy infrastructure and established data ecosystems to make adoption straightforward. And our pursuit of business objectives caters to the unique circumstances of each situation to get results that empower leaders and create sustainable organizational growth.


Our accelerators

Although we pride ourselves on crafting tailored solutions for unique challenges, we also value efficiency and swift execution. Drawing from our extensive experience, we've developed a suite of accelerators, designed to fast-track implementations without compromising on the personalized touch that defines our approach.

Rapid OEM Automotive Data (ROAD)

Incite ROAD is an analytics platform that acquires, organizes, and visualizes massive amounts of data generated by automated and autonomous driving test fleets in both real-world and simulated driving conditions. Designed with OEMs in mind, the ROAD platform significantly shortens the software development cycles needed to confidently accelerate the deployment of automated driving features.

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Visual Insights Sponsorship Tracking Application (VISTA)

Incite VISTA platform enables maximize sponsorship return for sports and entertainment organizations. By providing a system that works in conjunction with an existing CRM to visually represent the status of sponsorship inventory, the Incite VISTA system ensures that every sponsorship opportunity is tracked and deals are closed.

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VERUS - Software Engineering Analytics

Incite VERUS is a platform that provides visibility into the delivery, quality, and performance of independent software development programs used to create today’s software-based products. With a single intuitive dashboard, this robust tool gives executives and program managers the ability to follow a product’s development cycle by reporting on its individual software engineering programs with real-time status, targeted risk assessment, and performance predictions to manage technical debt.

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Reliable Executive Transformation for Operational/Organizational Leadership (RETOOL)

Incite RETOOL is an executive mentoring service for companies with large multi-disciplinary projects that are an order of magnitude more complex than their typical challenge. As a bespoke service, it ensures your company can break dependency deadlocks, restart stalled progress, and clearly identify bottlenecks to bring these complex projects back on track. We’ve helped others save millions of dollars annually, reduce their downtime by 50 percent, and accelerate their project schedules by months.

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Event Intelligence

The Incite Event Intelligence platform is a year-round event management tool that allows professional organizations to optimize their event investments through data-driven decisions. By bringing together several data sources in real time into a comprehensive command center, this platform gives leaders and operators the information they need to cater to attendee needs, streamline event operations, influence dynamic pricing, spend marketing dollars more strategically, and close sponsorship opportunities.

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Supply Chain

The Incite Supply Chain platform is built for manufacturers of food, consumer electronics, machinery, and other products that depend on a complex web of supply chain dynamics to dependably deliver their products. By illuminating the impacts of influences (such as weather events, material shortages, and regional conflicts) on geographic regions and transportation networks, and by supporting the exploration of “what if” scenarios, this platform helps companies understand supply chain vulnerabilities and build resilient networks for a dynamically changing world.

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Aftermarket Intelligence

The Incite Aftermarket Intelligence platform empowers manufacturers to significantly boost their aftermarket revenue by increasing margins, understanding inventories, and capitalizing on missed opportunities. Used by automakers, their branded suppliers, and OEMs in other markets such as marine, shipping, motorsports, and home appliances, Incite Aftermarket Intelligence can help companies successfully compete in the fierce competition for commodity parts and wholesale channels.

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