Who we are

The most critical part of analytics is human.

Incite is a dedicated team of multidisciplinary experts that achieves transformative results for Fortune 1000 clients by understanding their business and unlocking the power in their data.


We are born problem solvers with an innate drive to tackle hard problems and a passion for improving ourselves and others.

How we help

We help forward-thinking leaders improve business performance, minimize risk exposure,and create impactful change by creating tailored analytics-based solutions for their distinct corporate cultures.

Our philosophy

We believe in a strong focus on business outcomes, a positive client experience, and a transparent process that promotes client independence through shared knowledge.

Grappling with the demands of large multi-disciplinary challenges?

Incite RETOOL is an executive mentoring service for companies with projects that are an order of magnitude more complex than their typical challenge. We can help break dependency deadlocks, restart stalled progress, and clearly identify bottlenecks to bring these projects back on track.

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Discover excellence with empathy

Our commitments

At the helm

Rita Brasler and Matt Griffin lead the charge at Incite Analytics, where they bring a refreshing blend of professionalism and humanity to the table.

Beyond their typical C-Suite responsibilities, they infuse their work with compassion, humor, and a commitment to helping others reach their potential.