Enhance product quality. Optimize profitability. Engage your workforce.

We create full-featured analytics foundations that solve complex manufacturing issues and allow plants to quickly respond to business and operational needs.

Optimize production

Control first time through (FTT) yield, obtain realtime plant-cycle insights, and deploy predictive maintenance systems to reduce machine downtime.

Grow intelligently

Answer critical questions like whether to build another plant or if you can squeeze more capacity out of your current ones.

Mitigate risk

Get full part traceability, predictive line maintenance, and just-in-time inventory visibility to mitigate risk exposure while transforming your business.

Protect supply chains

Keep on top of supply chain disruption with global market, supplier, and part predictive analytics.

“The folks at Incite are amazing to work with; they all had great rapport with everyone involved in the pilot, from our IT team to our business executives, which made the whole implementation incredibly smooth.”

IT Director, Global tier one
Tier one analytics pilot saves plant money with expansion underway
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