Self-drive safely. Electrify efficiently. Optimize operations.

Whether you’re validating self-driving software, reducing warranty costs, or expanding dealerships, we can help you make sound decisions through resilient analytics foundations that maximize your data’s value and create clear business indicators.

Optimize feature engineering

Automatically extract metrics from real-world and simulated driving to give instant and frictionless visibility into autonomous driving system performance.

Expand profitably

Optimize category management to capitalize on market share. Determine where to build the most profitable dealerships and part stores.

Create revenue opportunities

Create value from connected vehicle data to identify new business models. Streamline fleet onboarding and connectivity. Monetize the software defined vehicle.

Speed time-to-market

Significantly shorten software development cycles and streamline workflows to confidently accelerate the deployment of new vehicle features.

“Incite’s analytics tool has been incredibly helpful in developing every dimension of our self-driving product, from customer-facing challenges to safety-critical questions.

Director of ADAS program, Global automaker
Automaker wrangles massive amounts of data to deliver exceptional self-driving CX.
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