At Incite, we rapidly create value for our clients with perceptive problem solving and insightful analytics that drive long-term, positive top- and bottom-line results. We bridge the gap between data and people by aligning data assets and outcomes to the Who, What, Why of our clients. We build amazing solutions to meet these needs, and we make sure our clients can use what we build – to move their businesses forward.

We are a carefully curated team of highly professional and experienced practitioners who excel at solving complex business challenges with data-driven technology solutions. We want our clients to be moved by analytics that we together, create and drive.

We work with name-brand, Fortune 500 clients to drive innovation and transformation within connected mobility, advanced manufacturing and IoT, autonomous vehicles, healthcare, and entertainment industries.

Our headquarters is in downtown Northville, MI. We have a variety of positions with flexible working hours and locations, benefits packages and paid time off for W2 employees, bonuses, and a fun and challenging working environment.

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