Improve healthcare. Reduce wait times. Control costs.

We help medical establishments of all kinds – from non-profit hospitals to health provider networks and large health insurance providers – extract real-time value out of vast amounts of data to improve patient outcomes, optimize resource use, and reduce costs.

Control costs

Get real-time data on where money is being allocated according to variables such as time, location, population segment, and type of service.

Gain insight

Understand disease patterns to tailor treatments and implement targeted health interventions for different demographics and regions.

Improve outcomes

Evaluate patient care and outcomes by systematically collecting, analyzing, and interpreting healthcare metrics.

Ensure efficiency

Review the effectiveness of initiatives such as a computerized physician order entry system (CPOE) as it relates to patient outcomes.

“All software companies have data and programming experts, but Incite’s ‘secret sauce’ is in their process. They thoroughly worked with us to design a solution that we could all see and understand.”

Director of Procurement, Large health care provider with 60 hospitals
Major health care provider improves emergency room wait times
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