Case study

Visteon IIoT Analytics Pilot Saves Plant Money with Expansion Underway

Visteon, a tier-one automotive supplier specializing in cockpit electronics, was looking to improve their ability to reliably deliver high-quality parts at low prices to automakers that tolerated little margin for error.

The situation was challenging because Visteon’s extensive global presence spanned multiple manufacturing facilities worldwide and a diverse workforce across eighteen countries. This made seamless collaboration and real-time responsiveness a formidable task.

Instantaneous monitoring of cycle times, just-in-time manufacturing, and reduced recall risks

To address Visteon’s manufacturing needs, Incite worked with the company’s IT team to establish a cloud platform capable of collecting and processing machine data from global manufacturing plants. The platform standardizes data from various machine types and formats, creating a uniform IIoT data stream that provides real-time visibility into machine operations worldwide, benefiting both plant operators and business leaders by allowing them to stay on top of issues the moment they arise. Additionally, analytics tools including real-time alerts and dashboards, enables instantaneous monitoring of cycle times, enhanced efficiency, and just-in-time manufacturing.

Furthermore, the platform detects production malfunctions and identifies data patterns, facilitating predictive maintenance to maximize machine performance. It also ensures manufacturing traceability by centralizing and standardizing traceability data, allowing Visteon to pinpoint parts with defects and reduce recall-related risks.

“Incite’s understanding of data and technology is very specialized; they make it simple to acquire diverse data sources without machine downtime, allowing us to control and contain most risks.”

Director of IT

Visteon’s analytics platform gives plant managers instant health stats of each line and machine.

Visteon's executive insights panel lets business leaders see global operations at a glance.

Business benefits

  • Standardized manufacturing data sources for access to globally diverse plant machines
  • Realtime dashboards with intuitive visualizations of key plant metrics for controlling cycle times
  • Predictive maintenance to keep expensive and critical machines maximally operational
  • Alerts to technicians as soon as problems occur to reduce the number of scrapped components
  • Cataloged components and touch points for each part to guarantee precise traceability and risk reduction

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