Case study

Palace Sports & Entertainment maximizes sponsorship potential to increase revenue

Incite provided Palace Sports & Entertainment, owner of the Detroit Pistons and other globally recognized assets, with a multi-property signage and contract application.

The app has advanced filtering that can sort by asset type, contract start and end dates, individual partners, contract status and sales rep. By providing a pictorial representation of the signage assets, the application makes it simple to evaluate and maximize partner engagement.

This multi-property signage and contract application shows which sponsorships are sold, pending, expiring, or open.

Executives can see contract details and partner information for each sponsorship opportunity in context of the entire venue.

Business benefits

  • Quick and easy visualizations of all signage assets from a single mobile app
  • At-a-glance data on near-expired contracts to diminish revenue risk
  • Reduced competitive conflicts through clear categorization of client assignments