Case study

Gaming leader maximizes revenue by refocusing advertising spend

One of the fastest-growing gaming companies, known for a long-standing popular and profitable franchise, wanted to know specifics on how they could more intelligently invest their advertising dollars to strategically optimize their revenue.

They did not know where their spend was most effective and had no reliable way to separate out the effects of ongoing promotions, holidays, and other external influences. The company’s chief revenue officer (CRO) was skeptical about applying advanced math to digital marketing data and was tired of hearing about grandiose promises from a number of analytics companies vying for the gaming company’s business.

Pinpointing effective media buys while minimizing wasted advertising spending

Seeking a solution to their advertising challenges, the gaming giant decided to give Incite a try. Incite took a holistic approach, delving deep into the gaming company’s operations to fully grasp their challenges before crafting a solution. They developed a media-mix model that works to identify the clear causes behind sales upticks and dips. This helps in numerous ways including distinguishing the impact of promotions versus holidays and pinpointing highly effective media buys while minimizing wasted advertising spending. The gaming company appreciated Incite’s collaborative mindset, engagement in business discussions, and ability to challenge assumptions, adding valuable market insights to the data-driven analysis.

“I admit I was skeptical going into this endeavor but Incite has delivered above expectations.”

Gaming company CRO

Incite’s solution separates revenue into distinct causes, allowing the gaming giant to understand the most important impacts of advertising spend and adjust accordingly.

Incite’s findings show how revenue calculated through constructed mathematical models tracks extremely well against actual revenue data.

Business benefits

  • Media-mix model that separates the effects of marketing campaigns and promotions from holidays and natural cycles
  • Better visibility into which marketing channels, advertising, and social media outlets are most important for growth
  • Understanding of how external forces are influencing customers
  • Segmentation of audiences to allow for better targeting

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