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“Incite has a unique approach to analytics; they understand how to get to the root of a problem and how to manage organizational dynamics in order to affect change.”

Director of IT, Visteon

“All software companies have data and programming experts, but Incite’s ‘secret sauce’ is in their process. They thoroughly worked with us to design a solution that we could all see and understand.”

Director of Procurement, Large health care provider with 60 hospitals

“Now we have a tool that doesn’t just collect data; it brings issues to our attention that could turn into serious problems and gives us the analytics we need to fix them. It’s a game-changer.”

Supply Chain Director, Ford

“Simplicity of engagement. Ease of collaboration. Beautiful visual aesthetics.”

Chief of Staff, Large national bank

“The Incite team has been great. Before it was like moving a rock up a hill to get our team fully engaged due to multiple reasons, especially adversity to change.”

VP of IT, Global tier one

“What I most appreciated about Incite’s approach was their attention to detail, their ability to apply market understanding and knowledge to the process, and a very straightforward and concise presentation of their findings.”

CRO, Best-selling gaming company

“Until Incite helped us build our data analysis platform, we couldn’t even appreciate the questions that were going unanswered and unanalyzed.”

Director of ADAS Program, Global automaker

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We create custom analytics solutions for big companies that have complex organizations, problems, technologies, and legacies, and with leaders who are committed to solving business problems but are up against the status quo.

Automaker wrangles massive amounts of data to deliver exceptional self-driving CX

Autonomous program resulted in terabytes of real-world driving data each day that was difficult to manage. IT leadership decided to bring in Incite.

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Visteon IIOT analytics pilot saves plant money with expansion underway

Manufacturing plants throughout the world and employees in eighteen different countries made seamless collaboration and real-time responsiveness challenging.

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Gaming leader maximizes revenue by refocusing advertising spend

Extracting meaningful insights from a sea of noise made this CRO skeptical about applying advanced math to digital marketing data. However, he decided to give Incite a try.

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