Business negotiation at the meeting.

Strategy and Alignment

There is a huge need for the design and deployment of analytics solutions that solve business-critical problems. But not every IT shop or consultancy tries to holistically understand a company’s problems within the greater context of their goals and dynamics, and they don’t know how to roll out solutions to ensure long-term adoption.

We’re big believers in using data as the basis for solving almost any business challenge. However, we also understand that a big part of the solution lies in the human-side of business transformation.

At the beginning of our engagement, we dive deep into your company and its culture to develop a holistic understanding of your business, your resources, and your constraints. From there we properly frame your business challenges in the language of analytics and architect a big-picture solution that quickly gets you improving business performance and reducing risk exposure. Our experience and expertise in strategizing analytics solutions enables this entire process to be comprehensive yet quick. We also ensure long-term business adoption of your new solution by aligning the project throughout its duration with your organizational culture and your people.

Management consulting benefits
  • Gain clarity on project impact and scope through proper and complete problem framing
  • Discover all relevant user needs and goals with personas, workshops and storyboarding
  • Get clear outcomes and detailed deliverables through a technical and organizational readiness assessment
  • Get an accurate roadmap for planning, budgeting, and resource assessment
  • Ensure a smooth and rapid implementation through tailored change management strategies
  • Receive mentorship and coaching for organizational alignment and long-term adoption
  • Improve in-house team competency through the sharing of skills, methods, and tools
  • Complete your project with a disciplined hand-off to avoid vendor lock-in and guarantee smooth transition of responsibility

Strategy and alignment