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Help Desk Analytics Dashboard
Help Desk Analytics Dashboard


A large American pizza chain needed to make sense of the over 800 calls their help desk received each day. Some important issues to identify included finding out where key systems were failing as well as which locations had persistent IT issues. Incite Informatics built a comprehensive help desk application to analyze call types, calls-per-queue, open cases, average time to resolve calls by location, market trends and much more.

The app tracks data for all technology used in the restaurant (from online ordering to back-office management), then visualizes the information so that team leaders can see issues by call type, store or even source. The app tracks incoming phone calls, online chat requests — even if a user has an issue logging into their account.


  • Predictive modeling helps company executives determine proactive maintenance and upgrade cycles to stay ahead of potential problems
  • Leaders can easily visualize persistent issues and relate them to systems and locations opening up an opportunity to correct in a timely manner


American Dine-in & Carry Out Pizza Chain


Help Desk

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