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A leading nonprofit health system needed help integrating internal systems before it could begin to evaluate its computerized physician order entry system (CPOE). Incite Informatics completed foundational work to implement an enterprise technology stack for data integration and analytics, selecting and implementing all technology for the data warehouse.

Once complete, Incite built an application to analyze the effectiveness of their CPOE system. Key indicators for patient outcomes (including, length of stay, mortality and readmission rates) are tracked. Executives can view historical data, compare geographies and drill down into individual hospitals and departments.


  • Mobile app deployment enables information access from anywhere
  • Hospital leadership can now see specific relationships between CPOE and patient outcomes
  • “What-if” scenario capabilities enable quality team leaders to deeply explore the impacts on patient outcomes


Large, Nonprofit Health System With Over 60 Hospitals & 30,000 Employees


Patient Outcomes
Electronic Medical Records
Mobile Dashboards

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