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Incite Informatics helped a major nonprofit health system gain visibility into their outbound investments, answering key questions such as, “What supplies are we buying?” and “How are we paying for it?”

Automated reporting and mobile access empower the procurement team to affirm if the organization stays within its best practices for the buying process and payments, as well as determining if suppliers are being paid in a timely matter. Teams can sort and compare against historical data, time period, geography and hospital.

All software companies have data and programming experts, but Incite’s ‘secret sauce’ is in their process. They thoroughly worked with us to design a solution that we could all see and understand, and because of that, the system we built together worked in the end.


  • Enables the procurement team to manage purchase procedure compliance by region with ability to drill down into specific locations and departments
  • Initial cost savings from the app were valued at $500,000 per year


Large, Nonprofit Health System With Over 60 Hospitals & 30,000 Employees


Procurement to Payment Analytics
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Vendor Management

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