Incite Informatics partnered with a leading global automotive supplier to organize its enterprise data into a centralized, cloud-based platform for self-service reporting, executive dashboards and real-time analytics. This platform visualized key metrics across the enterprise including global P&L, HR, procurement, manufacturing, quality and executive KPIs.

Incite’s web and mobile solutions help identify and manage quality issues across millions of auto parts, enabling manufacturing process traceability and improving compliance across the enterprise. Previously, this was only possible at a regional level.

With all of the silos and conflicting methods, we had a major problem. We knew we needed an industrial-strength tool and an evolved process that was scalable to the enterprise, not just one person’s desk. When our data got rolled up to the top, the execs had to be able to trust that data. We needed master data management, … [and to] show our leadership exactly what was happening with the business.


  • 24×7 web and mobile access to product, customer, supply chain, calendar and geographical information enables executives to visualize global performance versus plan, with thresholds automatically highlighted
  • Global headcount analysis provides visibility into manufacturing plants correlated to production outputs
  • Advanced data-mining algorithms enable executives to easily visualize quality outliers and perform root-cause analysis for defective parts


Global Automotive Supplier


Financial Consolidations and Budgeting
Production Forecasting
Global Employee Analysis
Executive KPIs
Manufacturing Quality Traceability

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