Our Difference

We’re confident in our ability to deliver the best analytics solutions to solve the toughest business challenges. This is what sets us apart from other consultancies.


It’s not easy finding great data engineers & data scientists. The same is true with skilled human-factors professionals, top-notch operations managers, and business-savvy project managers. Finding them all in a single cohesive unit is even harder.

The Incite team is a diverse and agile strike force of senior practitioners that has been carefully curated to solve complex business challenges with analytics. We have the ideal blend of cross-functional skills that combines business acumen and cutting-edge technology expertise with change-management proficiency. We have what many consultants claim but few possess: a results-oriented mindset, great team chemistry, diverse skillsets, and dynamic adaptability – all crucial for exceptional execution.


Embarking on a major analytics platform deployment can be a big investment with long time to value and significant risk; starting out on the correct path is essential. However, most analytics consultants rarely discover the complete context of client challenges, producing poor or partial results.

Incite applies a unique methodology to rapidly realize business value by fully investigating all of a problem’s root causes and potential impacts, incorporating valuable alternative viewpoints, and turning abstract ideas into concrete solutions. This gives stakeholders confidence in the solution roadmap and the project’s ability to achieve positive business impacts.


Implementing impactful analytics solutions requires more than expert analysis or cutting edge data science. It requires understanding and relationships with the corporate web of individuals impacted by these solutions. Many big name analytics companies just drop-off their materials at program completion, effectively abandoning their clients and leaving the program’s adoption to stall or falter.

Incite aligns stakeholders from the boardroom to the data center, builds productive relationships, and successfully navigates corporate politics to ensure exceptional execution and long-term business adoption of our custom-tailored analytics solutions. We roll up our sleeves alongside the client to remove inter-company roadblocks and execute high-quality analytics driving businesses forward.