Data center

Managed Analytics

The desire to use in-house IT resources to build a corporate analytics platform is strong – they already have good control over data usage and privacy and they intimately know the procedures and protocols. However, the often-frenetic pace of business cannot always accommodate the stringent requirements and capacity constraints of legacy organizations.

With the experience of many large business analytics projects behind us, Incite can quickly build your analytics capabilities in a modern cloud architecture, leveraging the rigor and economies of scale offered by the major cloud providers. Your company will move forward with confidence that the business and technology expertise is under one roof.

Managed analytics benefits
  • Deliver value back to the business in the quickest way possible
  • Choose the cloud environment that works best for you: Incite proprietary, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure
  • Use reliable services with a guaranteed 99.999% uptime
  • Let us manage the data, knobs, and dials so you can focus on driving the business forward

Managed analytics