Executive using dashboard on tablet

Information Design and UX

One of the biggest problems with most dashboards is that you’re never sure if they answer the right questions. It’s hard to make decisions based on numbers or charts that aren’t easily interpreted. This is a huge challenge that executive leadership faces in any new analytics project; extracting information from data may solve the problem on paper, but if the results don’t make sense to the people using the system the project will fail.

We specialize in blending business-wise analytics with user experience smarts so that results are intuitively understood at a glance and lead to actionable results. Whether it’s summary KPIs or interactive slice, dice, and drill, we know how to show these results beautifully in the language of end users – whether that’s C-suite business leaders or factory floor managers.

Information design and UX benefits
  • Collaborate with us in interactive workshops to develop analytics concepts that are intuitive to end users
  • Understand key users and align their goals to a finished software solution via wireframes and other tools that establish traceability
  • Get dashboards and reporting that use your preferred frameworks and integrate into your existing enterprise back-ends
  • See real-time data visualization everywhere you need it through desktop, cloud, and mobile applications

Information design and UX