Our unique approach to analytics is applicable to a broad range of challenges in a wide variety of industries. While we are not limited to specific markets, in several industries we have accumulated domain expertise, technical blueprints, and dashboard templates that work extremely well together. We’ve used this background to solve customer challenges in areas such as Industry 4.0 analytics, manufacturing traceability, parts and service supply chains, media-mix modeling, advertising ROI, and autonomous-vehicle testing. This allows our clients to get off the ground quickly without the learning curve or growing pains of working with a less-experienced partner, dramatically accelerating the time to ROI.

Here are examples of several challenges our customers face in different markets and how we help them get real-time answers to their toughest questions.


 A typical manufacturing plant generates terabytes of data daily. But all that raw data can’t prevent costly shutdowns, improve product quality, or maximize plant profits without the proper analytics to turn it into something useful.

Incites works with manufacturers to do just that. We create full-featured analytics foundations that solve complex manufacturing issues and allow plants to quickly respond to business and operational needs. We help major manufacturers control first time through yield, obtain virtually instant plant cycle times, and deploy predictive maintenance systems to reduce machine downtime. We help customers answer critical questions like whether they need to build another plant or if they can squeeze more capacity out of their current ones. We also implement full part traceability and just-in-time inventory visibility that allows manufacturers to mitigate risk exposure while transforming their business.

Man at manufacturing equipment
Expressway crossing


Today’s mobility is breaking ground in new areas such as autonomous driving, connected vehicles, and fleet management while still trying to maximize traditional operations in parts and services, dealership profitability, and customer outreach. The one thing all of these fields have in common? They all generate huge amounts of data.

Incite discovers and exploits this data to help automakers and new mobility providers build resilient analytics foundations that maximize their data’s value and create clear business indicators. We help customers automatically extract metrics from road tests and driving simulations to give instant and frictionless visibility into autonomous driving system performance and product development progress. We also inform automakers where the most profitable dealerships and parts stores should be built and predict what cars will sell in which areas. And we extract value out of collected vehicle data to reduce warranty costs, generate traffic maps, and identify new business models.

Fleet companies benefit from our services too as we help them optimize logistics and minimize servicing costs and time. And, with pinpoint accuracy of part availability and predicted need per model, we also allow dealership service organizations, part wholesalers, and retail part stores to benefit from just-in-time inventory.


 Fulfilling people’s needs – whether at hotels and resorts, restaurants and bars, or sporting and entertainment venues – requires a keen and detailed attention to customer service. Yet it’s challenging to ensure businesses can maximize revenue in a way that doesn’t diminish the customer experience.

 At Incite, we help hotel brands take care of customers by acquiring and standardizing analytics from each property, allowing them to see how customers interact with their businesses. These insights allow hotels to streamline interactions with customers and anticipate their needs before they’re expressed to deliver exceptional experiences. For auditoriums and stadiums, we merge data from assorted ticketing, gate scans, and POS systems to help our customers understand which of their ticket purchasers are in attendance, what concessions and merchandise is selling best, and how to dynamically re-price things at half-time to maximize sales. We help food service companies compare franchises against a wide variety of metrics, allowing them to give each store recommendations on how to improve revenue, profit, and customer satisfaction.

man with hotel card key
Operating theater with data collection


Understanding total costs relative to patient outcomes (CQO), optimizing facility & supply utilization, and optimizing insurance plan structure and utilization are all important aspects to both delivering excellent health care as well as keeping costs under control. Yet the massive and disparate data streams generated by payer and provider organizations are extraordinarily difficult to acquire, organize, and analyze, putting the levers for making cost effective and quality care decisions out of reach.

Incite helps medical establishments of all kinds – from non-profit hospitals to health provider networks and large health insurance providers – extract real-time value out of vast amounts of data to improve patient care and control outgoing investments. We build solid analytics foundations that provide hospitals with visibility into emergency room and hospital bed use to minimize patient wait times, help clinics understand and improve physician performance to drive better patient care outcomes, and optimize supply procurement networks to keep costs under control. We also provide medical centers with fingertip access to patients’ length of stay and readmission rates, as well as allowing them to explore relationships among patient outcomes. This lets health providers understand their performance, determine how to improve results for patients, and try “what-if” scenarios to explore the impacts of organizational changes.