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Data science

Getting expert data scientists who are in high-demand to develop an analytics platform is difficult. However, making sure that they are properly paired with business analysts so that you end up with the right guidance is far more challenging. The result of data science ungrounded in business reality are unreliable models that produce business indicators that could lead the business astray.

This is why Incite doesn’t just use advanced analytics, predictive mathematics, propensity modeling, correlation statistics, and machine learning. We temper the idealism of pure data science with pragmatic business knowledge to ensure outcomes are relevant to your business. The result is simple outcomes that accurately tell you where you’ve been, predict where you’re headed, and allow you to course correct if needed.

Data science benefits
  • Get advanced data modeling guided by Incite expertise that’s domain specific and business relevant
  • Use advanced analytical models that have been well-designed, cleanly implemented, and pre-tested
  • View your past, present, and future status and get advice on what to do about it with descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics
  • Integrate virtually any data channel into your analytics solution, including social media and web analytics
  • Use data mining to extract important indicators and metrics from vast quantities of unstructured information
  • Use your IT department’s choice of leading-edge data languages, tools, and frameworks

Data science

Analyzing Fleet Performance in Real-time

Onboard vehicle test data collected through the cloud, processed and presented in web- and mobile-friendly formats for OEM software engineers, saves substantial R&D costs.