About us

We’re not just any analytics consultancy. We’re not a staffing agency, we’re not an outsourced IT department, and we’re not an overpriced East Coast consulting firm. So what are we?

Incite team

Who we are

We are an analytics company with a small dedicated team of cross-disciplinary experts that seeks transformational results for our Fortune 500 clients by understanding their business and unlocking the power in their data. We are detail-oriented leaders, self-motivated professionals, attentive and compassionate listeners, and eager teachers.

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What we do

We help visionary leaders improve business performance, reduce risk exposure, and drive positive change by transforming their companies through mindful analytics that precisely fit their unique corporate cultures.

We use collaborative discovery to fully explore the who, what, and why of a business problem. We wrangle complex and abstract ideas and transform them into concrete and realizable analytics. We architect holistic solutions that are sensitive to all stakeholders, align with the organization, and solve business challenges.

In other words, we create a bridge between data and people.

Office meeting

What We Believe

We consider honesty, transparency, and professionalism to be part of our DNA. We believe that providing excellent customer service is mandatory and our responses should be thoughtful yet rapid, and our guidance strategic.

We believe that coaching and mentorship is integral to what we do, and our greatest success is when we’ve empowered our clients to navigate their next project without us.

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What is the Incite experience?

Clients that work with us learn that we are kind and courteous, likeable and smart, and always eager to help. They see that we provide top-notch skills to bear on any problem, and that we understand people and relationships and keep everyone in the loop. They like our attention to detail, our ability to follow up, and our tenacity at solving hard problems.

Clients love that we own a project and its responsibilities but that we don’t keep the details to ourselves. They see that we help their employees grow, and that we’re generous in our knowledge. They love our passion and enthusiasm, and they appreciate that we are always guided by our mission to solve each and every business problem with compassion.